4 APRIL 1914, Page 13

[To me EDITOR Of TEM .' SPECTATOR:1 Sra,—Mr. Asquith's assertion

that the recent orders issued by the War Office to various regiments in the North of Ireland were not designed to intimidate the Ulster Volunteers may be quite true. But is it not possible that these order' were issued only because it was well known that the Army would never agree to carry them into effect, and therefore it was both safe and profitable to Mr. Lloyd George and his co-conspirators to cause these orders to be issued and to bring about the "revolt" of the officers against the Liberal Govern- ment P Mr. Lloyd George, realizing that his proposed new land legislation has proved a "damp squib," and also the necessity of manufacturing a new election cry—if his party is to be safe at the next General Election—with Machiavellian astuteness, brings into being the "Army versus the People."—