4 APRIL 1914, Page 14

THE HOME RULE QUESTION. [To ass Eurroz or vas "Briorsvos.,

Sia,—I am grateful for the courteous though disappointing reply to my inquiry which appears in your last Woe, but it concludes with a sentence the significance of which I do not quite follow. I am bidden to remember that we have not yet got rid of the present Government, which, with characteristic moderation, you are content to describe as "a peril to the nation." Somehow I do not feel as if I needed the injunction, though I accept it with humility ; but I should be very glad if it could be further explained in what respect the peril will be diminished by handing over four-fifths of Irish territory to the governance of a faction which is notoriously hostile to the

Empire, and which up to this very hour has poured scorn upon the British Crown.—I am, Sir, &c., Enuar. Moor Park, Bickmansworth.

[Lord Ebury, like the anxious solicitor, has " fears that a compromise may be going to break out between the parties." We suppose he will think us terrible poltroons, but, never- theless, we do not intend to be "drawn" by his very ingenious plea.—En. Spectator.]