4 APRIL 1914, Page 15

ESKIMOS AND CABINET MINISTERS. [To rue Eorros or min ”Iiirsoraros."]

Sts,—The enclosed extract seems to fit Cabinet Ministers so

well that perhaps you would like to print am, Sir, dm., Z.

"A promise according to their way of thinking means merely that a man tells you what he feels like doing at that particular moment, and so long as his mind does not change he will be willing to carry out that intention ; but whenever he does change his mind there is nothing to be done but to inform you that his mind has been changed, and the explanation is considered satis- factory and the agreement dissolved. . . . The laws of others do not bind him, and be makes new laws for himself whenever he likes."—My Life with the Eskimo, by Vilhjilmur fitefinason (Macmillan) (p. 271).