4 APRIL 1914, Page 16


[To ma Enrroa or ma •'Sracrlroa."] SIR,—The letter on the Selborne Society and the Plumage Bill by Mr. E. W. Martin in the Spectator of March 21st expresses the minds of a large number of members of the Selborne Society who are not at all in favour of the economic preservation of birds. The secretary's important step as to the position of this Society in regard to the Economic Society should surely not have been taken without first calling a general meeting of the members, amongst whom are many well-known ornithologists, who have none of them been con- sulted in the matter. It is the same thing with the Zoological Photographic Club, whose first intimation of their President's action was the appearance of his name in the list of Com- mittee as representing them in support of the economic preservation of birds, which is by no means the case. The Zoological Society of London have already clearly stated that they do not support their secretary in the matter; it would be well if these other Societies, as a body, did the same.—I am, Sir, ,ke., M. G. S. BEST, F Z.S., Member of the Selborne Society and Zoolog:cal Photographic Club. The Ladies' Athenaeum Club, 32 Dover Street, W.