4 APRIL 1914, Page 16


[To TEM EDITOR Or TMa Br/ICTATOR."] SIR,—Your article on the above subject in last week's issue must strike all who, like myself, have passed within the last one of the earthly series as most interesting and

true. But why do you tell ns that "hope is over" for us? Hope and faith in Governments, peoples, in a hundred ideals, even in man-made creeds, may be shattered and shaken, but as long as we can feel uplifted and spiritnalized by such services, for example, as those of the Temple, so well described in the same number of your journal, and by such sermons as are preached to us "In the book of the Lord, the sky, and the earth, and the sea" (to quote from some verses which appeared in your columns some years ago), and feel comfort and delight in the ever-fresh wonders of the opening springtide, so long we may be happy, and so long will "hope spring eternal."—I am, Sir, &c., A. C. B.