4 APRIL 1914, Page 17


[To ME EDITOR OF THE "SPEOTA70a"] Sra,—May we call the attention of your readers to the twelfth Vacation Term for Biblical Study, which will be held this year at Oxford, from July 25th to August 15th? The object of the term is to give - students of the Bible, who feel the need of more scientific d intelligent study, a special opportunity of becoming acq tad with the results of modern Biblical scholarship, and, of 'receiving systematic instruction on academic lines. The solieme -is on a Christian basis, and lecturers are invited without respect to their denomination. The idea which has been chosen this year for illustration by the entire series of lectures is that of "The Vital Relation of Personal Religion to the Corporate Life of the Church." The inaugural lecture will be given by Dr. Holland, Regina Professor of Divinity, Oxford, and the following courses of four lectures have been promised :—First week: "The Book of Ezekiel," by the Rev. W. Lofthou.se, Handsworth College, Birmingham ; and "The Development of Personal Religion in the Old Testament and the Gospels," by Dr. McNeile, Sidney Sussex College. Cambridge. Second week: "Religious Experience of St. Paul," by Dr. Anderson Scott, Westminster College, Cambridge ; and "Life within the Christian Community in the First and Second Centuries," by Pro- fessor Kireopp Lake, of the University of Leiden. Third week: "The Relation of the Individual to the Community," by Clement Webb, Esq., M.A., Magdalen College, Oxford ; and "3. and ii. Corinthians," by the Rev. S. Kirshbaum, B.D., King's College, London. Single lectures have been promised by Stanley A. Cook, Esq., M.A., Dr. Neville Figgie, C.R.. Dr. Oesterley, the Rev. E. G. Parsons, and Evelyn Underhill (Mrs. Stuart Moore). Hebrew and Greek Testament readings will be held throughout the three weeks. The total cost to students, including lecture tickets, will not exceed £2 a week.—We are, Sir, &a,


President of the Executive Committee. (Miss) ELIZABETH LANDER, Secretary.

21 Richmond Road, Cambridge.