4 APRIL 1914, Page 26

READABLE NOTZLEL- , - A Boman Picture. By Paul Waine- man. (Methuen and

Co. 6s.)—An.exceedingly romantic and somewhat obvious love story, in .a setting of modern Rome. —The -Word of Tereger. By Guy Ridley. (J. Nisbet. and Co. 2e. net.)—These fanciful tales .of the trees, of their coming and their loves, and of their telationshipe to-mama-re written with delicate imagination.--Oh, Mr. Bidgood ! By Peter Blundell. (John Lane. 6s.)—Humonr of a quality which we associate with Mr. W. W. Jacobs's nautical stories is here abundantly present, and is deftly mingled with thrilling adventure.