4 APRIL 1914, Page 26


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The Evidence for Communication with the Dead. By Anna Rude. (T. Fisher Unwin. 100. 6d. net.)—Continuity. By Sir Oliver Lodge. (J. M. Dent and Sons. ls. net.)—In his Presidential Address to the British Association Sir Oliver Lodge deliberately states that/acts already obtained convince him "that memory and affection are not limited to that association with matter by which alone they can manifest themselves here and now, and that personality persists beyond -bodily death.' This much-discussed assertion must, of course, be taken as merely a personal expression of opinion, based on an intimate acquaintance with the work in question, and fortified by a lifelong habit of weighing scientific evidence in the laboratory. Mrs. Hude's deeply interesting and dispassionate examination-of the attempts made to establish communication with the spirits of Myers, Gurney, Hodgson, " George Pelham," and others presents the case very clearly. Wedoubt whether any reader unbiassed by personal experiences will accept Sir Oliver Lodge's conclusion as proved by the evidence here set forth. But psychical research, is unquestionably on the track of some hitherto unknown force or faculty, which is well deserving of further investigation, even if .we must still regard the student as only stretching out his arms -for some- thing beyond this life, Tendentemque manna ripae ulterioris amore."