4 APRIL 1914, Page 26

The Power of Ideals in American History. By Ephraim D.

Adams. (Yale University Press. 81.15 net.)—The motto of the Leland Stanford Junior University, in which Dr. Adams is Professor of History, is "Die Luft der •Freihelt weht "—the wind of freedom is blowing. The chief reproach brought against the United States as a political organism has been that this wind blew too much as it listed—that the attempts made to harness it to useful service generally resulted in driving machinery for grinding the axe of the capitalist. Of late years the American Universities have devoted themselves with high seriousneseto training their students in-a sense 'of their duties towards the nation. Dr. Adams's able book is the outcome of a Yale foundation in this spirit—the Dodge Lectures on-the Responsibilities of Citizenship. He success- fully aims at disproving the contention that, throughout American history, economic interests alone have determined political action.—Social and Economic Forces in American History. (Harper and Brothers. 6s. net.)—A series of chapters from Dr. A. B. Hart's encyclopaedic history of The American Nation, in which various authors traceibe social and economic development of the United States.