4 APRIL 1914, Page 27

Nirw Ettrriowe—Bohn's Popular Library. (G. Bell and SOH& ls. net

per vol.)—Bohn has long been a household word; Carlyle described his series as "the usefullest thing I know." Moving with the times, Messrs. Bell have now reduced. the price to the nimble shilling, and have issued sixty well-printed volumes, which compare favourably in all respects with any reprints now on the market. Among the latest volumes we may mention such excellent books as Trelawny's Adventures of a Younger Son, Lane's Arabian Nights, Poushkin's Prose Tales, Hooper's Campaign of Sedan, Miss Swanwielt's Faust, and the poems of Blake and Vaughan. —.--Colleetion Nelson. (T. Nelson and Sons. le. net per vol.) —Amongst the new volumes of this admirable enterprise we note Dumas's Vingt Ans Apres, Balzac's Chouans, and M. Hanotanx's La France en 1614 In their _Edition Lutetia the same publishers give us a most scholarly edition of Pascal's Pensdes and the first volumes of Racine end Amyot's Vies de Plutarque, with introductions by M. Emile Fagnet.—Colleetion Gallia. (J. IL Dent and Sons. is. net per vol.)—We have received' the second eight volumes of this estimable series, which include Balzac's Pere Goriot, La Fontaine's Fables, Nodier's Conies Fantastigues, and M. Emile Paguers Petite Histoire de la Litterature Franfaise.—Honore Balsam By Mary F. Sanders. (Stanley Paul and Co, 5e. net.)—This new edition of Miss Sandare's excellent Life of Balza° is equipped- with- a new introduction, in which Mr. W. L. Courtney explains the author of the Comedie Numaine.— Philips' Chamber of Commerce Atlas. ((l: Philip and Son. 6s. net.)—A second edition of this very able presentation in graphic form of "the present economic conditions of the Globe."—Annals and Antiquities of Rajaot'han. By Lieut.- Colonel- James Tod. 2 vols. (G. Routledge and Sons. 10s. szet:)—Tod's classical narrative of the chivalrous annals of Rajputena has long been out of print, and the original edition costs £20. We are grateful. to- Mr. Douglas Sladen for persuading the Mahatrai Rana of Jlalawar to share the cost of its republication in this cheap and welcome form.—The Christian Year, Lyra Itenocentium, and other Poems. By John Kehl°. (Humphrey Milford. ls. 6d.)—A well-printed edition of Keble's religious and secular verse.—The. Mutiny of the ' BORR4'. Hy Sit John Barrow. (Same publisher. Is. net.)—Sir Cyprian Bridgewrites an admirable introduction to this " horrible tragedy and intensely' interesting romance"