4 APRIL 1914, Page 3

On Wednesday the Rochette Committee presented their Report to the

French Chamber. The majority censured IL Caillaux and M. Monis for having interfered with the adminis- tration of justice in procuring the postponement of the trial of the swindler Rochette. M Fabre, the Procurator-General, is censured for having yielded so easily to the requests of the Ministers. IL Briand is blamed for having withheld informa- tion from the country. M. Earthen is blamed for having abstracted the written statement of IL Fabre from the Ministry of Justice. The Report acquits M. Caillaux and M. Monis of corruption, as their personal interests were not involved. Their action is, however, described as a most deplorable abuse of influence, and it is pointed out that there is a weakening of the moral sense among the govern. ing classes, while the power of finance among politicians is unbounded. Such words are quite justified, but they are only a mild condemnation of the fearful evil of tampering with justice for political reasons.