4 APRIL 1958, Page 7

WHY WERE the pollsters, who forecast a much bigger margin

for Mr. Bonham Carter, so far out? The Gallup people, I see, are arguing that `confusion between the Liberal Party—which is a national party—and the National Liberal Party, has denied Mr. Bonham Carter a more substantial majority.' Although this sounds too glib to be true, there probably was some confusion. It would not be surprising if some electors had forgotten that National Liberalism existed. I am interested to see that the group's political designation (or any of the variations mentioned by Capt. Henry Kerby, MP, in our correspondence columns this week) is now resented as much by Conservatives as by Liberals. Torrington was a blow to the Govern- ment, and no comfort to Labour; but I fancy the worst sufferer will be the old Simenite rump, now finally discredited.

* * *