4 AUGUST 1838, Page 10

The report that Sir George Villiers is to be the

new Ambassador to Russia is contradicted. It is now said that the Marquis of Clan- ricarde will go to St. Petersburg. The Queen will be represented at the coronation of the Emperor of Austria as King of Lombardy, at Milan, by the Duke of Devonshire.

it is said that, besides Lord Derby, the successful candidate, the Duke of Cleveland, the Duke of Sutherland, and the Earl of Carlisle claimed the Garter worn by the late Duke of Leeds.

The Earl of Shelburne and Kerry, only surviving son of the Mar- quis of Lansdowne, will, ere long, lead to the altar Mademoiselle Elphinstone Flahault, eldest daughter of Count and Countess Fla- bault (Baroness Keith, in the English Peerage.) The Earl is in his twenty-third year, and the lady is in her eighteenth.—Morning Herald.

By the decision in the House of Lords in the great case of " Semis- brick and Lord Skelmersdale," the appellant, Mr. Scarisbrick, recovers an estate of the value of 20,0001. a year. The point at issue between the parties had been three times decided against Mr. Scarisbrick, of the two last decisions one being by the Master of the Rolls, and the other by the Lord Chancellor (on appeal), affirming the decree at the Rolls. Mr. Scarisbrick considers that the advice and assistance of Mr. Duval, the conveyancing counsel, who is understood to have prepared the reasons for the appeal, contributed so essentially to his ultimate suc- cess, that he has presented that gentleman with a magnificent service of plate of the value of 1,500/.— Times.