4 AUGUST 1838, Page 8

In the Record Court, Cork county, Lord Bandon obtained verdicts

for " ovetholding " against the tomtits, the intended ejectment of whom Lord Alulgrave alluded to in the House of Lords ; upon which occasion a quibble served the turn of the accused noble. Lord Trimlestown, a Roman Catholic Peer, has caused a great eZ citetnent to Mayttooth, by suing a number of the peasantry for his lay tithes.— Ulster Times.

A very singular trial took place in Cork on Friday last. A wows was found guilty of offering to sell a child, (which she had for some

• whit does the Atcessiig Chronicle-. the ready rowdier for the purity of the CAW missiou its all its 41011.iic, t duk of thus backing" by its greet friend? dine supported out of charity,) for the avowed purpose of disset Cm. The medical man to whom she made the very extraordinary offer er- rs/led a second interview, at which he had a policeman concealed. She entered again deliberately upon the bargain ; whereupon she was taken into custody. It appears that she wns perfectly sober, but she ltd made the unfortunate child drunk ; and when it became alarmed and cried, she urged the doctor to give him something at once that would settle him, telling the poor creature that the gentleman would Give him something sweet. She was found guilty. Death is the penalty provided by the statute. The Judge, however, held out hopes Of Mercy.—Morneng Chronicle.

At a meeting held at Cavan on Tuesday week, it was resolved to offer a reward of 1,0001. for the discovery and conviction of the per. eons who fired at the Reverend Marcus Beresfurd on Sunday the 22d shin), on his way to perform divine service. On the 12th of July, the Orangemen in the Church of Caledon, in Tyrone county, sang one of the Psalms to the tune of the " Boyne Water."