4 AUGUST 1838, Page 8

The usual halt yearly meeting of the shareholders in the

Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company was held on Wednesday last, in the Cotton Sales-room, Liverpool. A dividend for the half year of four and a half per cent, was declared ; and it was resolved unani- mously, on the recommendation of the Directors, that the salary of Mr. H. Booth, the treasurer of the Company, should be raised from 1,0001. to 1,500/. a pow. The total receipts were 123,610/ 9.c. 3d. 'file disbursements 77,0.541. Ss. 4d. ; le tying the net profit 46,3561. Os. I Id.

The trade between Liverpool and New South Wales is rapidly in- @ceasing. There arc now loading eight vessels for Hobart Town, Syd. ney, and South Australia ; ands 11 of them have acconamuclations for passengers.—Liverpool Standard.

The accounts of the crops and prospects of the harvests were favour- able, generally. last week ; but a season of warm dry ter tither seemed to be almost universally unticipated, and in the plate thereof the min has fallen abundantly In Cumberland the wages of haymakers are only 9d. a day.

At a late meeting of the Chester Town-Council, it was proposed to convert the Corporation-kitchen into a lock-up Louse for the night police. The cook's occupation has been some time gone.—Greater Chronicle.

The steam-ship Tiger, built in Hull, recently performed the voyage from that port to Hamburg in thirty-five hours and a half. She is rated at 800 tons ; her engines are of :JO° horse power ; and her boilers are supplied with distilled instead of salt water, by means of Hell's patent condenser:.

It is the intention of the parties to whom Mr. Blackburne, the Member for Huddersfield, left the bulk of his proprity, notwith. standing the result of the hoe trial at York, to make the same provi- sion for the near relatives of that gentleman as was proposed before the cause was brought into Court.