4 AUGUST 1866, Page 1

Mr. Napier, the deaf judge to whom the office of

Lord Justice of Appeal was offered by Lord Derby, has declined the post. In a very disinterested letter read by Lord Naas on Monday night, he repeats that his friends think him competent to discharge all the duties of the office, but "when I consider how important it is that the administration of justice should be above all possible exception, and how desirable it is that the nomination to so high an office should not be open to a moment's cavil, I think I best fulfil the duty which I owe to the public, to your Lordship, and to myself by withdrawing my acceptance of the office." Mr. Napier has of course raised a character already high by this display of self-sacrifice, but what are we to think of the Administration which, to conciliate an Orange supporter, makes an appointment which the judge who is to benefit by it thinks a little too bad to accept ?