4 AUGUST 1866, Page 1

The Government got a gentle rebuff on Monday night. General

Peel had brought in a Bill authorizing the expenditure of 50,000/. on fortifications at Tilbury, not included in the general scheme. Mr. Gladstone, however, objected, first, because the works were new ; secondly, because with an annual surplus a loan was not the proper way of providing the money ; and thirdly, because the proposal was made too late in the session. So general was the feeling in the House against the Bill, that Mr. Disraeli did not venture to divide, and the measure was withdrawn amid many compliments to Government for its reasonableness or squeezability. The proposal for the work had been made originally by the De- fence Committee, but its sudden revival seems to have been due to General Peel, who evidently intends to keep his department en evidence.