4 AUGUST 1866, Page 2

The Italians have accepted the armistice, but with unconcealed irritation,

as the Austrians are still in the Quadrilateral and Venice, and but a small portion of the Tyrol is in the hands of General Medici. The people believe that Prussia has deserted them about the question of frontier, expect to be asked to pay for Venetia in cash, and are not yet quite relieved from their fear of further cessions to France. It is under these circumstances that the Government has decreed a loan, apparently a forced loan, of 14,000,0001. The discontent in the great cities is excessive, but fixes itself for the present on Persano, the Admiral who commanded at Lissa, and who cannot show himself in the streets of Ancona without imminent danger from the people. He is to be brought before a court-martial to explain his failure, which the populace loudly attribute to cowardice.