4 AUGUST 1866, Page 20

History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. By George Smith, M.D. (Philadelphia

; Trubner, London.)—This is a voluminous but interest- ing chronicle of the progress of the fertile district watered by the Delaware from the days of Henry Hudson to the present time, the sources of information authentic, the facts well arranged. The earlier details have a kindly flavour of Knickerbocker's History of New York about them, as when intending emigrants are desired to "consider seriously, &c., that norae may move rashly or from fickle, but solid mind." William Penn was the great arbiter of the destiny of Delaware and the preacher of temperance and well-doing, but with very chequered success. As the narrative proceeds, the tale of civilization becomes prosperous and pro- saic. There is a careful resume of the geological and botanical infor- mation appertaining to the district, and a string of biographies of strictly local interest. The Delaware County Institute of Science may well be proud of this record of successes and distinctions, which will be skimmed with interest by the general reader on this side of the Atlantic.