4 AUGUST 1866, Page 20

Lyra Fidelium. Twelve Hymns on the Twelve Articles of the

Apostles' Creed. By S. J. Stone, B.A., Curate of Windsor. (Parker.)—This is to some extent a praiseworthy book. Doctrinal precision and fulness of statement are good things in their way. Our author states clearly what he means in honest prose, illustrating his position by appropriate texts. On the opposite pages are the doctrines done into verse with much labour and care, but the verse is not always rhythmical, is sometimes involved in sense, and is not well adapted for singing or committing to memory. We observe the Church doctrine as to the sacrament of baptism stated in Article 10, but for some reason or other there is no reference to it amongst the Scripture proofs. Generally, however, by a judicious selection of texts the round dogmatism of the summaries is fairly justified, and there are a good many people who will prefer the plain bread supplied by the Curate of Windsor to the stale tarts pur- loined from third-rate pastrycooks which too often fall to the kt of the misguided purchasers of religious poetry.