4 AUGUST 1866, Page 20

The Calendar of the Prayer Book. Illustrated with an Appendix

of the chief Christian emblems, from early and medizeval monuments. (Parker.)—This most comprehensive and carefully compiled little volume contains every fact likely to be inquired after respecting the saints and worthies of the Church calendar, and will supersede the necessity of reference to the somewhat anomalous store-house of Hone's Every-Day Book, which has hitherto been the only popular repertoriuna of this kind of information. It is a really valuable contribution to popular archasology, and has the appreciable merit of appearing in a. portable and inexpensive shape. The engravings of the saints, &c., are very good, and copied as they are from illuminated manuscripts and painted windows, form a most interesting study, whilst the explanation of the emblems and devices will enable readers to enjoy their next visit to an old church or cathedral without the drawback of being quite in the dark as to the meaning of what they see. The object of the remarks and illustrations is mainly archa3ological, and of course no attempt is made to decide upon the truth or error of any of the legends as they have been handed down. The value of the little work would have been augmented had a farther appendix detailed, however briefly, the names and titles to commemoration of the minor worthies to whom Churches have been dedicated, especially in the west county, St. Maw- gan, St. Ludgvan, St. Paulinus, and the like. These, however, would make a little supplementary volume of themselves, for which presumably we may look from the same competent hand to which we are indebted for this excellent instalment.