4 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

Lord Carnarvon on Tuesday gave some information as to the

exact position of the project for confederating British North America. The colonies of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have -given -way, and delegates are now in London to arrange terms -with delegates from the Canadas. We imagine the final question Among the colonies is the great intercolonial railway, and that a -demand will be made for and towards its completion from the mother country. The Fenian raid has had a good effect in stifling 'opposition, and some rather sharp preseure has been applied in one form or other from home. As for Newfoundland and Prince Edward's Island, they cam be defended by sea, and may be as stupid as they like, while the proprietors of thelludson's Bay Com- pany, are within reach of Parliament. They can be hanged, if accessary, or compensated, which will be less trouble, the North Pole not being property very available with money at 10 per Scent., England has now one permanent hold upon these colonies. They are welcome to go if they like, and must go, if they will take neither advice, nor terms, nor orders.