4 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The Daily News thiuks it eeceesary to warn the Italians

not to *hoot Admiral Persano pour encourager les metres. The Daily News may be right, and until some evidence is brought forward more substantial than-gossip eertaialy is eight, but we fail to see a good reason for the modern wish to defend officers in very WO

position. It is not justice, for small people are punished very readily, and it is not wisdom, for if a commander-in-chief, or a royal personage, or an admiral in command is shot for misbehaviour nobody under him will expect inanannity, and everybody therefore will do his best. Admiral Persano, for aught we know, is an un- fortunate officer of great gallantry, but suppose he ran away, as the Italians say, why should he not be shot? The next admiral would be daring enough„iand recklessness is the precise quality re- quired in a new State.