4 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The latest accounts from America are not very reassuring. The

President is determined that the Southern representatives shall be admitted to Congress, and the Liberals that they shall not. At present even their admission would not give Mr. John- son a majority, but he expects that the elections in November will increase his strength. If they yield him a majority he will, it is expected, fuse the Democrats and the Southerners, declare the new body the only- legal Congress, and invite the Liberals to join_ them. The Republicans -will resist this demand, if neeeeeary, by force. All this- looks a little like, "tall talking,' for if the Liberals are strong enough to eneounter a eivil war, they- are also strong enough to defeat the President at the polls, but there can be little doubt that the bitterness of feeling is extreme. In Tennessee, which has just accepted the Constitutional Amendment and sent two Liberals to Congress, the two parties daily threaten each other with an appeal to the rifle, and the outrages upon negroes constantly increase in ferocity.