4 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The military correspondent of the 7 inies in the Prussian

army, whose letters are perhaps the very best ever written by any one in that position, gave on Thursday- a most epieieestiesing. account of a cavalry charge at Tobisobau, some forty miles senth of Briion. It was nearly as fine as the ohargeorthe LightBrigade. The Crown Prince wanted to press forward to seize -the railway, and the Aus- trian had planted twa batteries of eight guns each in the way. The Crown Prince called up the 5th Cuirassiers to clear away the obstacle, and launched them straight upon the guns. "When within a few hundred paoes of the battery they broke into a steady gallop, which increased in rapidity at every stride that brought the horses nearer to the Austrian line. All the time of their advance the gunners poured round after round into them, striving with desperate energy to sweep them away' before they could gain the mouths of the cannons. The flank squadrons, bending a little away from their comrades, made for the supporting cavalry at either end of the line of guns, the two centre ones went straight as an arrow against the guns themselves, and hurled themselves through the intervals between them upon the gunners." The gunners were sabred, the supporting cavalry dispersed, and all the guns captured by a regiment of four squadrons.