4 AUGUST 1866, Page 3

The tenantry of the late Duke of Wellington have raised

a wally splendid monument to his memory, a monolith 30 feet high, S ft. 6 inch. in diameter, resting on a block of granite 9 ft. 6in. high and 7 ft. square, with inscriptions on its sides, and supported on a plinth of dressed granite 12 ft. square and 6 ft. high. The monument was completed on Tuesday, and a great banquet was :given by the Duke of Wellington in honour of the event, at -which some very common-place speeches were made, Lord Stan- hope observing that the first principle with the Duke was to do his duty to his tenantry as well as- the nation, and we may add to himself, and Sir Ii. Murchison believing that the rocks he knows so well would not be more enduring thaa this monument. Well, the Duke himself would have liked this particular memorial, and -what more is there to say ?