4 DECEMBER 1982, Page 18

No way out?

Sir: I have been 'with' Christopher Pcnni(erl (metaphorically speaking) for longerr 1"—as, can accurately remember, so I ,r,,eci therefore, surprised to find myself..,y to take parts of his article 'Russia: No ."",) out' (20 November) cum grano (Siberl sails.

If Socialist materialism's central ar11.14 of belief is that 'under Socialism, livifor standards must inevitably rise' (as it is

the materialism of whatever colour, to .,I, evitable detriment of the standard of


then the Soviets will naturally cluathis article by stating the exception, that this is not possible when 14 per the annual national product is spent ° 'defence'. Likewise, when he suggests that a as desperate sense of bezizkhodnost exists or — 'The ideology cannot be changed: 11,he therefore the economy,' he is ignoring ng eternal emergency exit which would cha both at the press of a button.

Charles P. Lucas

Sharow Hall, Ripon, Yorkshire