4 DECEMBER 1982, Page 18

Right behind the Times Sir: Perhaps not many of your

readers will be surprised at Auberon Waugh's un- balanced and intemperate attack on the Times (27 November). But few, I imagine, will not be, like me, astonished at your printing it. The sort of educated and in- telligent readers who take the Times are those who take the Spectator too, and their reaction may be that six issues of the Times for 120p are better value than one Spectator at 65p.

Mr Waugh picks out a few minor im- perfections in the Times but ignores all the unique excellences which its devotees value — its Correspondence Columns, Law Reports, Obituaries, often brilliant and broadly selected feature articles, not to mention its comprehensive financial and sports coverage. As to its being a 'boring, bogus travesty of a newspaper', I find in it more pieces I want for my files than in all the other publications I read.

Justin Evans

Glebe House, Church Stretton, Shropshire