4 FEBRUARY 1865, Page 2

Bethnal Green •must he a nice place for a poor

man to live in. The wife of- a painter living there, named Jenkins, became insane after her confinement, bruised her baby, and became dangerous to the other children. The Union doctor, Dr. Chambers, sent Jen- kins to the relieving officer, one William-Runcieman, with a re- quest that he would order the poor woman to be received into the lunatic ward. He went, but Runcieman told him- it was Sunday, and Dr. Chambers to mind his own business, and two days after the child died of bruises and want of nourishment. Before the coroner Runcieman avowed that he " objected to paupers coming to his house at any time, especially on Sundays," sneered at " Dr. Chambers and his law," and when the jury passed a verdict of grave censure bawled out, " Your verdict won't do me a ha'porth

of harm I" We have no doubt he is right, and rather expect to hear the guardians have raised his salary. A man like Runcieman keeps down rates wonderfully, and if he should ultimately drive the people into trying a little Lynch law, why the loss to the rate- payers would be endurable.