4 FEBRUARY 1865, Page 3

General Sherman has written a letter to a Georgian citizen

who asked him some question relative to " reconstruction." The General intimates that he has no authority to speak on such matters, but that to his mind there is no need or room for reconstruction. "Georgia is not out of the Union.. . . Whenever thepeople of Georgia quit rebelling against their Governnlent, and elect members of Con- gress and Senators, and these go and take their seats, then the State of Georgia will have resumed her functions in the .Union." Sherman thinks some of the traitors of Georgia deserve death as much as Aaron Burr, but he is obviously.sanguine of the State's return to loyalty. Before the march through Georgia Sherman held gloomier views as to the duration of the •war than any other Northern politician. .Since he tested the temper of the people in this way he is said to have changed his miud, and stated that when once General Lee's army has been •defeated, an event he thinks not far distant, the Confederacy will collapse.