4 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 2

The meeting on Wednesday at the Mansion House to protest.

against the outrages upon the Jews in Russia was a consider- able success. It was largely attended by important persons of both parties and all denominations, and the speakers earnestly repudiated any party or religious bias. There was, as usual in such meetings, decidedly too much readiness to dis- pense with evidence; but the majority of the speakers, who were not Jews, were clearly actuated by humanitarian feeling,. and esteem for a people to whom Christianity owes so much. The meeting very wisely did not demand interference with the Government of Russia, for which there is no locus- standi, but the exertion Of the "friendly influence" of the British Government, to which every Government will listen.. It is a pity for the Jewish cause that Cardinal Manning came- forwed so prominently, as the Russians allege that most of the- outrages were committed by Polish Catholics, and will see in, the Cardinal's speech only the hostility of a rival communion._ The Bishop of London, who also spoke, will have far greater- weight with them ; as also will Mr. Bryce, who in all his. writings has displayed a total freedom from anti-Russian prejudice.