4 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 2

Count Kalnoky, the Austrian Chancell- given some very serious hints

to the Delegat,, a credit of 2800,000 for the force now concentrating .-

govina. According to the Vienna correspondent of the Tin.. who is well informed, though abnormally tedious, the Count said that while the Prince of Montenegro was friendly, his sub- jects were not, and that although the Servian Ministry was sound there might be a change in its attitude. "If, however, a conflict should be forced on with Servia or Montenegro, aa appeared to be the tendency from more than one side, this would, indeed, complicate the situation." These are very serious words, from such a personage to such a body as the Delegations, even if the Chancellor did not add, as according to another account he did, that the temporary military occupation of Servia and Montenegro might be necessary: It is not probable that so great a risk of a war with all the Slav races of the Balkan will be run, but the Austrian Cabinet has evidently ideas behind those which it puts forward. We see no evidence

'whatever that the insurgents could resist 10,000 men, and :ae3ording to telegrams from Ragusa, 60,000 are being collected.