4 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 2

The nation has been plunged into mourning hy i tho death

of Lord Haig, which occurred suddenly at midnight last Sunday. We have written Of his record and of his sterling character elsewhere and will only remark here what a-fortunate thing it was for the Empire that a man, of Lord Haig's character succeeded Lord French. If he had been capable of yielding an inch to any temptation to glorify himself, or to take part in the political intrigues for which there were innumerable opportunities,,he wonld have aggravated all the Well-known defects in the civil control of the. War. There is no mistaking the sincerity, of the grief which is now expressed everywhere, and not only in this country. In accordance with his own wishes Lord Haig is. to be buried at .13emersyde, -Berwickshire,. and not in St. Paul's Cathedral. .The body lay in state fit!, St. Columba's Church, Pont Street, on. Wednesday and. Thursday, when the church was open to the public. On Friday, after these words are published, there is to_be, service in Westminster Abbey at which Marshal Foch and Marshal Petain are expected to be present. After- wards the body will lie in state in Edinburgh before the burial.