4 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 3

Political Notes Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : Question time on

the first day of a resumed session is always an interesting occasion. Members return with renewed enthusiasm, refreshed by a few weeks' absence from the Palace of West- minster and, in most cases, stimulated by contact with their constituents. There are always private notice questions raising issues of first-class importance, the answers to which are given in a packed and attentive House. This familiar scene was re-enacted on Tuesday. Sir John Simon's state- ment on foreign lending had a somewhat mixed reception. There are a number of Conservative back-benchers to whom the idea of lending money to foreigners is always anathema, while the Labour Party were fearful lest money should be advanced to Powers engaged in active aggression. The Chancellor was able to pray in aid the van Zeeland report, and went on to assure the House that while the general proposal was to enlarge foreign trade, the circumstances of individual cases to be dealt with were entirely reserved.

* *