4 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 3

The discontent which was manifest on both sides of the

House led to the setting-up of a Select Committee, and the House has adopted the second of the Committee's recommendations. This took the form of a new Standing Order governing procedure on these Bills, the main purpose of which is to impose a charge on public funds. In future, the money resolutions governing such Bills may be taken after instead of before the Second Reading. It is hoped that in drafting the resolutions the Government will have regard to the views expressed in the Second Reading debates. Whether this innovation will meet the grievance depends, of course, entirely upon the attitude of the Government of the day. If Ministers genuinely desire to meet the wishes of the House the new procedure will make it easier for them to do so. If, on the other hand, they are determined to apply their majority and to ride roughshod over their critics, the latest addition to the rules places no obstacle in their way.

* * * *