4 FEBRUARY 1938, Page 6

That distasteful linielight is on the Secretary for War again.

This time it is the Windsor Magazine, with an article on the Rt. Hon. Leslie Hore-Belisha, with pictures of the Rt. Hon. Leslie Hore-Belisha fighting an election, crossing a road by pedestrian-barriers, crossing a road by a Belisha beacon, coming back from the French Army manoeuvres, looking at a map at British Army manoeuvres, looking at a gun, on a troopship, throwing stones into the sea, writing in his Sussex porch, arriving at a Cabinet meeting, walking through the Horse Guards. As to the letterpress : " It seems certain that a man of his type, comparatively young, who has already in a few years accomplished so much, is destined to play a considerable part in the country's affairs." In fact, why stop short of—where ?

* * * *