4 JANUARY 1868, Page 7


THE Emperor of the French received the Diplomatic Body on New Year's Day as usual, bat made no sensational speech. He merely affirmed once more " his constant desire to remain at peace with all the Powers." On the same day La Presse contained an article, believed to be completely official, in which Prussia is warned that " it is not France which checks her, but the Treaty of Prague ;" an alliance between France and Austria is threatened ; an understanding between Russia and Prussia is openly admitted ; Italy is called an ally of Prussia, and the Italian Government is warned that France has no longer any obligation towards Italy. The writer concludes by declaring that the only policy is to show Prussia " that France has the means of enforcing respect for treaties, and to signify to Italy that she is resolutely determined to do so." La Presse further declares that Prussian armaments are a disquieting element in the situation.