4 JANUARY 1868, Page 7

Two Fenian exploits are reported from Ireland. Foaty Tower, near

the entrance to Cork harbour, a martello occupied by two gunners, their wives and children, was entered on Thursday week by a band of five men, supposed to be Feniaus, who threatened the gunners with death, and took away a quantity of cartridges and fuses. They sat down and chatted easily with the artil- lerymen, recounting their services in America and showing their revolvers. They then departed, and have not been traced. On Monday last eight men entered the shop of Mr. Allport, the leading armourer in Cork, and producing revolvers, threatened him and two assistants with death if they resisted. They then searched the shop, selected sixty revolvers, and, it is said, 1,0001b. of powder—a physical impossibility—put them all in bags, and carried them away, leaving two armed sentries to watch their retreat. Mr. Allport's establishment is in the largest street in Cork, and all this went on at nine in the morning, with passengers passing and a constable directly opposite the window. Special precautions are being taken in Cork, where the police are much. resisted, and Lord Strathnairn has gone there himself.