4 JANUARY 1930, Page 18


Two unusual suits have been launched in the United States Supreme Court, with the States of New Jersey and New York as litigants. In the first, New Jersey seeks to restrain New York from continuing to permit some of its municipalities, including New York City, from polluting the ocean by dumping garbage into it. The dumping of garbage by New York, it is claimed, is polluting the New Jersey shore line. In the second suit, New Jersey, which has been joined by Pennsylvania, seeks to prevent the State and City of New York from diverting water from the watershed of the Delaware River, which rises in the highlands of New York and Penn- sylvania and constitutes a boundary line between those two States, and, further south, between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The action arises from New York's plans, involving expenditure of some three hundred million dollars, for new waterworks. These, it is alleged, would divert water from tributaries of the Delaware, curtail the water supply for New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and decrease the utility of the Delaware for navigation. Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey claim that it is vital to their present and future welfare that this should not be done, while New York is equally insistent upon its need of the new waterworks.

* * * *