4 JANUARY 1930, Page 20


In a district of Berkshire, where the species is still found in good quantity, a red squirrel was seen hopping along the ground with what looked like a ball held in the forepaws, against the chest. For pure curiosity the chase was engaged,- and before she could reach the wood this squirrel was fright- ened into dropping her burden, hie Atalanta's competitor. But the ball itself was no sooner dropped than it, too, took to its heels. It was then seen to be a very young baby squirrel. We know what queer ways of carrying their young are prac- tised by this sort of animal. There is a species of opossum which gives its young a pick-a-back, and they hold their place, however active the mother's gymnastics, by giving• their tails a half hitch round their mother's. Our native squirrel wields its front paws as nimbly as any hands, and would naturally use them for carrying the young ; but I have never been lucky enough to see such a portage.