4 JANUARY 1930, Page 27

The influence of great men in after ages is a

subject of great interest. In The Mantle of Caesar, by Friedrich Gundolf, translated by J. W. Hartmann (Grant Richards and H. Toulmin, 15s.) we have a learned and engaging study of the opinions expressed by successive generations up to the time of Napoleon on the subject of the great Roman. To the later Roman Empire he was a mythical figure, to the Middle Ages a magic name, to the men of the Renaissance an historic personality of profound importance. Herr Gundolf has read widely and has brought together a remarkable series of quotations illustrating the varied views of many famous men on Caesar and his Commentaries. Nor does he fail to note the interest which great artists like Mantegna felt for the conqueror. Herr Gundolf is as enthusiastic a Caesar-worshipper as Mommsen, and his book is distinctly readable.

* * * *