4 JANUARY 1930, Page 34

A foreword by Aloysius Horn and a preface by Rosita

Forbes leave little for a mere reviewer to say about The Fortunate Islands, by Amelia Defries (Cecil Palmer, 7s. 6d.). What remains to be said after Mr. Horn has exclaimed : "How a girl brought up soft in London, who'd never been to sea, went through with such a life, fair gets me beat"? The sub-title, "Adventures with, the Negro in the Bahamas," is perhaps too emphatic for the mild encounters which Miss Defries describes, and to call Part fly. "The Mind of the Negro" is to impart an unnecessarily academic air to a pleasant saunter along the byways of psychology. Never- theless Miss Defries can be erudite, as wlnn, for instance,

rffie tells us in a footnote that "fish are -marvellous creatures, with a natural history that goes back more than three million years."