4 JANUARY 1930, Page 38


The impending important fusion in the tin industry imparted additional interest to the recent meeting of the London Tin Syndicate. Lord Askwith, who presided, gave a very interesting resume of the great advance the Syndicate has made since its formation some four years ago. Starting with a capital of only 250,000 that capital has since expanded to nearly 21,000,000 with over 6,000 shareholders. With regard to the impending amalgamation, Lord Askwith, without dealing with the details of the scheme, made some general observations upon the fusion. Among other things he pointed out that those responsible for financing the tin industry must see to it that markets were not captured through stronger and more vigorous organisations on the part of other rival metals. Not the least interesting point in Lord Askwith's remarks was his expression of belief that we might be nearer a time for better prices of tin.