4 JANUARY 1930, Page 5

- Americans, unhappily, are much too -apt to think of

the League as representing an obsolete European - ten- dency to force the will of a majority -upon those who dissent. If they had studied the laborious architectural work which. -has- been: done Upon their own iclea;-- they Would know that. no-other schemes but those in eXistenee Would -have r sufficed-to make the Public Law Prevail! over dishirbeit7of_the peace. -Yet what an irony we nifilk:see ! 144LAtii.4ican newspapers, - with few exceptionsi believe that- the automatic cancellation of belliuerent tights' at sea as between members of the ,League is somehow a wanton challenge to the traditional American champion- ship of the Freedom of the Seas. The American Secretary of State has handsomely explained to them.their mistake, but there is still a pressing need for instruction upon the elementary historical facts of the League. It is only too true that the doctrine of freedom of trade with all in times of war remains for Americans like a fly in amber—a thing vividly seen within a larger substance upon which time has wrought wonderful changes.