4 JANUARY 1930, Page 5

News of the Week

The Government and the New Year AT the opening of the New Year the burdens and anxieties of the Government are ominously heavy. Unemployment is a persistent nightmare ; and abroad, where the Government have so far "acquired merit," there are more difficult problems than any yet settled. The emotional wave of Nationalism in India must be guided rather than stemmed. Unwearying watchfulness and severe discrimination will be necessary. Next, it must be admitted that the inquiry into the riots and massacres in Palestine has laid bare a malignant racial antagonism so deeply rooted that changes in the machinery of administration seem to be almost inevitable. In Egypt the Wafd, once more in the saddle and in possession of an overwhelming majority, has yet to declare its enig- matic feelings about the proposed Treaty. A.: more hopeful, but by no means less difficult, prospect is opened up by. the Naval Conference in London.

* *