4 JANUARY 1930, Page 5

The Prime Minister seems to be so immersed in the

preliminaries of the Naval Conference that he has less . „time and..-inclination_than. . could, wish . for demanding in seffokt-- eoeXtensive -With- the- nation foritehievink that wholesale industrial reorganization which alone can cure unemployment. It is true that he invited the House of Commons, at the beginning of the past session, to act • as a Council of State, and that in his year's message he has said : "I wonder if we are pulling well enough together. Are we facing our industrial difficulties with hearts stout and adventurous ? The nation calls for a union of service in setting our house in order," but we still await the pressing invitation to all parties to make those words good. We are convinced that we must come to a union of service before industrial and economic soundness will be possible.

* * * *