4 JUNE 1836, Page 10

Ascot races commenced on Tuesday; but the running on that

day and on Wednesday was indifferent. The only race which excited much interest was the following, on Thursday.

THE GOT.D CUP, valise 300 sovereigns, by subscription of 20 sovereigns each, with 200 added from the fund. Second horse to receive 50 sovereigns from the stakes; three Years, 6st.10Ib.; four years, fist. 21b.; five years, 8st. 121b.; six and aged, fist., 31b. Mares allowed 31b. About two miles and a half. (12 Subscribers.) Marquis of Westminster's Touchstone. 5 sears (.1. Day) I Mr. Theobald's Rockingham. 6 years 2 Mr. Robertson's Lucifer, 4 years 3

Lord Exeter's Aurelius, 4 years 4 Bettiug-6 to 5 against Touchstone, 6 to 4 against Roekinglaam. 5 to I ao..aa!nst Aure- lius, and 8 to 1 against Lucifer. Aurelius took the lead at a moderate pace, lullowed by Touchstone, both keeping thick places for inure than half a mile. Itoekiughaus then went in frost. Aurelius dropping iuto the tear, but all keephig cluse togolier. After running about a mile, Lucifer took the second place, and retaiued it till Dear the tern into the straight run home. Here Touchstone passed him, Rockingham still cutting out the work. At the betting stand. Touchstone stem up, ran a few NI it:■.s su ith him, quitted him, and won easily by two lengths, the other two lx-atets a sum, .16:once.

It commenced raining heavily as soon us the race was over, and the company was soon dispersed. The King and Queen attended these races, as usual, on the first and third days.