4 JUNE 1836, Page 10


The Bishop of London has had a serious relapse, and has been inter- dicted by his physicians from attending to business of any kind for a considerable time.

The Bishop of Peterborough, sustained a severe attack of illness a few days ago. The attack was the more alarming from its being of a different kind from that to which the Bishop had before been subject. His Lordship, however, has since greatly recovered.—Northampton Herald.

Mr. Maurice O'Connell, M.P., has been obliged to pair off for the remainder of the session, owing to ill health.

The Tory papers deny, on the authority of Mr. Herbert himself, that he is the Member with whom Mr. Ellice paired off previously to his departure for Canada. The Morning Chronide, in whose columns the contradicted statement first appeared, says that Mr. Ellice autho- rized it. There has been a mistake somewhere, by which probably the Liberal majority in the Commons will lose a vote.