4 JUNE 1836, Page 10


From every part of Ireland numerous petitions have been forwarded for presentation to the House of COM111011S, against the Lyndhurst Bill. The Protestants of the North appear to be as indignant as the Catholics of the South and West, at their ignominious treatment by the Peers. Two of the largest and most spirited meetings have been held at Belfast and Londonderry ; the Mayor of each city in the chair. The Belfast petition was signed by more than 9000 persons.

The resistance to tithes has become more inveterate than ever. In the diocese of Cloyne, a mob of women nearly killed a process-server of the Reverend William Chatterton. In Limerick county, four men employed to serve subpcenas by the Dean of Limerick were assaulted ; and one of them, who was a cripple, pursued into a house, and beaten to death. These men went about the country, serving their subpamas in the night. The farm-buildings of a wealthy yeoman in Waterford have been set fire to, and completely destroyed, because he paid his tithes. These are merely specimens of what is going on all over the country.

The Times correspondent says the meetings of the agitators are got up simultaneously, as it' they were arranged, and communication held with all parts of the country by telegraph. The system seems to be perfectly organized. Accounts of a hundred meetings arrive in Dublin in one day.