4 JUNE 1836, Page 11



The Consol Market has been unmoved ; and the shutting, which occurred yesterday, passed over without any fluctuation of importance. The notice to which we referred last week was yesterday issued by the Bank Directors, stating their readiness to make advances on approved securities, in sums of not less than 2,000/. at an interest of 4 per cent, per annum, such loans to be repaid on the

15th .July next. The only peculiarity in this announcement is, that the rate of interest is er cent. higher than is usually charged on such an occasion.

. The transactions in the Foreign Market have been chiefly confined to Spanish Securities • but even in them, the business has been unimpurtant. The effect

of the intelligence of the dissolution of the Cortes has beam in a great ineasure

counteracted by that of the successes against the Cailists. The accounts from the provinces are, however expelled, with considerable anxiety; as it is antici- pated that the dissolution of the Legislative Chambers will call into activity the Juntas, and with them the materials of discord, by which the Government was threatened at the priod of the accession of M. itlrwiemsstt t. to the Ministry. All expectation of the immediate return of that gentleman to pourer se.mis now to he at an end. The Portuguese Securities have continued firm at the previous quotatiens. The prices of the European Contiuental Stocks have not varied in any great degree. The South American Stocks have been quite neglected. The Railway Shares have attracted more atteution this week than they have lately. The decision of the Committee, in favour of Stephenson's line to Brighton, has caused an improvement of about 6/. in the price of the Shares: those of Cindy's and Rennie's lines have been depressed. The Greenwic Shares have declined 2/. to-day.


Up to this moment so Dee business has been transacted this morning, tlia in the official list of bargains actually effected. no 9uotation of the price ef Con- sols for Account has occurred. The other English Stocks are also neglected. In the Foreign Market, Spanish Stock opened at 41, and after touching 41i, is now 49/ 414. Passive Stock is 1 h 121, and Deferred 14 19. The market for Railway Shares is generally heavy. The following are the prices of some of the most current Shares. Brighton 14 14e rem.; ditto, Rennie's, i di.. ; London and Birmingham 7375 prem. ; Greenwich 4 56 prem. ; Southampton 6 prem. ; Great Western 26 27 prem.

The closing price of Consols is the same as at the commencement of business. Ihe transactions of the afternoon have been unimportant, and have been chiefly confined to Spanish Securities; which have been depressed in consequence of the refusal of a mercantile house in the City to accept some bills drawn upon it by the Government at Madrid. It was currently reported that the house in question had stopped payment ; but we understand that such is not the fact, and that the rumour originated in their refusing any further accommodation to the Government of Spain, to whom they are at present largely in advance. The price of the Stock has been as low as 44 ; but a slight improvement to 40; oc- curred just previous to the close of business. No material alteration has taken place in any other description of Foreign Stock, or in the prices of the Railway Shares.

3 per Cent. Consols

shut. Dutch 21 per Cents

561 7,k

Ditto for Account

924 4

French 3 per Cents

New 34 per Cent. Anns shut. Mexican 5 per Cents. 33 34 India Stock Bank Stock shut.

2104 Portuguese 3 per Cents. .... Do. Regency 5 per Cent.... 53 4 814 2

Exchequer 11111s


Russian, 1821. Spec Cent...

1091 1104 Belgian 5 per Cents 1014 2 Spanish, 1834.5 per Cent. .. 404 414 Brazilian 5 per Cents 864 Ditto. Deferred 184 19 Danish 3 per Cents 764 Ditto, Passivi, 111 121 SATURDAY, FOUR O'CLOCK.